Brick Patio in Overland Park

Does your brick patio in Overland Park need a makeover? The experts at K² Landscapes can help resolve that.


Has your brick patio become a tripping hazard or have water pooling on the patio? Contact K² Landscapes to give your brick patio in Overland Park a makeover today.

What are some of the causes for brick patios to become uneven?

There are several reasons for why brick patios can become uneven. It can be the soil settling out or the subbaseUnevenPatio underneath the pavers washing away due to stormwater runoff. Other reasons for patios to become uneven are trees roots uplifting the pavers, the soil shrinking and swelling due to the weather or improper construction. Whatever the reason is, an uneven brick patio is a safety hazard that needs to be fixed.

Example of a brick patio makeover in Overland Park by K² Landscapes

This homeowner had a brick patio that was uneven due to poor construction. The unevenness was a tripping hazard especially to their son who was just learning to walk. Besides being uneven, the brick patio was not properly built to shed water properly. There would be pools of water or ice that would form on the patio. The homeowner wanted a new brick patio that was bigger, level and would drain water off the patio properly.

The firCompacting Subbasest step was removing the old patio completely. Next was to grade the patio area so there was proper drainage away from house. In this design, the water runoff was directed to a future planting bed so there would be less watering need for the plants. After the patio was graded, the gravel subbase was installed and compacted. Landscape fabric and sand were laid over the gravel. Next came laying out the brick pavers. After all brick pavers are laid out, sand was brushed into all the seams.

Now the homeowner has a bigger patio for entertaining that is level and is no longer a tripping hazard. For more information about this project, click here.

If you are ready to give your brick patio in Overland Park a makeover, do not hesitate to contact us today!
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