, Landscape Design & Planning

Landscape Design & Planning

Our comprehensive planning and design services offer innovative landscaping solutions for residential and commercial clients.

K² Landscapes is proud to offer landscape design and planning services for residential and commercial clients. No project is too large or too small. From initial design to continued support, K² Landscaping enjoys working with homeowners to design beautiful and functional spaces. See examples of K² Landscapes design and planning services below.

, Landscape Design & Planning

Fisher Residence

A winding pathway through a woodland gardenThe homeowners wanted a more aesthetically pleasing approach to their front door. The sidewalk to the front door was crumbling and there was a lack of color and interest. The design includes a stepping stone pathway...

, Landscape Design & Planning

Delong Residence

This homeowner had a front yard that they wanted to add curb appeal while introducing native plants. Phase 1 included taking the existing rock in the yard can creating a small rock swale to direct water from the downspout. New garden beds next to the street add not only add interest and color for the homeowners, but also for the community too. Native shade perennials add the extra layer of color in front of existing shrubs. A new ornamental evergreen helps anchor the corner of the house to provide year-round interest. Phase 2 will include a new stone wall and more native landscaping.

, Landscape Design & Planning

Tory Residence

Lets connect driveway to front doorThe homeowners had a landscape that was overgrown, had a pathway that was crumbling and was lacking interest. They decided that they needed to give their front yard a new look that added color, interest. New retaining walls and a...

, Landscape Design & Planning

Dillard Residence

Backyard Retreat For AllThis homeowner had a backyard that needed a new life. The solution included a mix of native plants and a native dry-stacked wall. The new stone wall helped raised an existing planting bed so the plants would be visible from the back...

, Landscape Design & Planning

Frost Residence

Time to sit The homeowner had just moved in and wanted their backyard to be more reflective of themselves. Phase 1 was the patio area. After leveling and expanding the patio area, they then looked to adding interest and seating to the patio. The solution was raised...

, Landscape Design & Planning

Swartz Residence

A front yard makeoverThis residential project was a collaboration between Kyle Ward (designer) and K² Landscapes (landscape contractor). The homeowner had a backyard he was no longer happy with. There was overgrown vegetation and a deck that was falling apart. The...

, Landscape Design & Planning

Franklin Residence

New plants plus rock equal curb appeal After having a tree removed in the front yard, this homeowner wanted to create a new look for the front yard. The solution was removing the old overgrown shrubs against the house and expanding the planting bed area along the...

, Landscape Design & Planning

Carpenter Residence

Extending modern architecture to the surrounding landscape This residential project was a collaboration between Phronesis (design) and K² Landscapes (landscape contractor). The homeowner was building a modern, contemporary house and wanted a landscape that would...

, Landscape Design & Planning

Pam Residence

Creating curb appeal with colorful native plants The homeowner had a yard they were no longer happy with. They felt the front yard lacked color and interest while the backyard had become overgrown with vines and had stormwater issues. The design included native...

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