Native Landscaping in Kansas City

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Are you interested in taking your yard to the next level? If you’re looking to elevate the look of your yard, and be environmentally friendly at the same time, do not hesitate to contact the experienced professionals at K² Landscapes for the best native landscaping in Kansas City.

What does native landscaping in Kansas City consist of?

Native landscaping is a form of landscaping that consists of plants that are local to the particular area you are in. In Kansas City, native plants mostlyNativeLandscaping1
consist of native grasses and perennials since this area was mostly a prairie back in the day but there are native shrubs and trees too. When K² Landscapes provides native landscaping in
Kansas City to a client, we are sure to select plants that are most well suited for our climate and area.

How can my yard benefit from native landscaping in Kansas City?

When you use native plants, there are multiple benefits to you as the homeowner and to the environment. Native plants require less maintenance than non-native plants. Native plants don’t need to be fertilizer or watered as much since they are already adapted to this area. This means saving money and more time enjoying your yard. Not only do native plants look their best throughout the seasons compared to their non-native plants, they also provide valuable habitats for native wildlife like beneficial insects and birds. Introducing native plants will in turn help create a more sustainable yard that will be healthy and filled with more life.

If you’re ready to see how incredible your yard can look with native landscaping in Kansas City from K² Landscapes, do not hesitate to contact us today! If you’d like to see samples of our native landscaping work, please click here. We’re looking forward to working with you!20150702_083740