Pathway in Leawood

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Do you have a pathway that needs repair or is just to plain for you? K² landscapes can help resolve that with a new pathway in Leawood.

What can a pathway become?

A pathway can become many things. One example is a stepping stone pathway which is a type of pathway that uses big, flat stones spaced apart from each other to be the walkway. The stones that are used can be cut rough for a natural look or be cut smooth for a modern look. The stepping stones come in various sizes and colors. A stepping stone pathway can be just the stones placed in the yard or can be a framed in pathway with edging that is filled with mulch or decorative gravel between the stones.

Example of a pathway in Leawood by K² Landscapes

This homeowner’s front pathway had fallen into disrepair and was a hazard for the many people that would come to their front door. They also didn’t want just a new pathway, they wanted a pathway that would create a mini journey through the landscape on the way to their front door.

The first step was determining what type of pathway. The homeowner decided to go with a stepping stone pathway.  So after removing

the old pathway, the new pathway’s alignment had to be laid out. Next the gravel subbase was installed and compacted. A sand setting bed placed over the gravel subbase which provides a nice, smooth surface for the stepping stones to be placed on compared to the gravel subbase. Once all the stepping stones
were laid out, decorative gravel was used to fill in between the stones. Brown metal edging was used to contain the pathway.

Now the homeowner has more intriguing pathway that navigates through their new front yard landscape. For more information about this project, click here.

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