Retaining Wall in Overland Park

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Are you tired of soil and mulch washing away because of the steep slopes in your yard? K² landscapes can help resolve that with a retaining wall in Overland Park.

What are retaining walls and the benefits?

A retaining wall is a structure that is designed to hold back soil behind it. Retaining walls can be made of many materials from wood to stone to concrete and can be only a foot high to tens of feet high. Retaining walls can help reduce your topsoil/mulch erosion or stormwater runoff by reducing Raker2the severity of the slope. Another benefit is turning steep, unusable land into usable land that is level through a series of terraces. Another benefit is retaining walls can add value to your home too.

Example of a retaining wall in Overland Park by K² Landscapes

Due to the steep slopes around this planting bed, the soil and mulch would wash out into the front yard after every rain event. The homeowner was tired of this and had a hard time navigating the steep slope.

The first step was to determine the exact location and size of the new retaining wall. The new retaining wall needed to be located in way that would allow the homeowner easy access to the planting bed behind the wall while also reducing the wash out of the soil and mulch.

Once the location was determine, the construction of the retaining wall began. Gravel subbase laid down first. Next came the stones and then new soil to fill in behind the wall. Finally came the new flowering plants and mulch.

Stone Retaining WallNow the homeowner has no more erosion problems to worry about and can maintain the planting bed do to the raised height. For more information about this project, click here.

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