Stormwater Management in Merriam

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What is a possible solution for stormwater management in Merriam?

A solution is putting in a check dam. A check dam is a temporary or permanent structure that is placed perpendicular to the flow of the stormwater to reduce the velocity of the water. By slowing down the velocity, you reduce the effect of erosion and allow the water to infiltrate into the soil. Check dams are usually placed in swales and can be
made of many materials like rock, concrete, earth
and logs.

Example of stormwater management in Merriam by K² Landscapes

This homeowner had an area of their yard that would receive the stormwater runoff from the street and would travel down the grass swale in their side yard eroding away their lawn. The solution was putting in check dams.

The first step was determining the best locations for the check dams in the swale. Make sure to keep slopes below 5% to reduce the erosion and allow for infiltration. The next step was to install the check dams. This homeowner decided to go with concrete blocks. The check dam needs to be level across with a section in the wall that is lower to allow for the water to overflow into the next area.

After the check dam has been constructed, the soil needs to be regraded to create a small depression on the uphill side of the check dams. This will allow for the water to pond and then infiltrate into the soil. Make sure you have a proper infiltration rate to avoid ponding. The last step is to install the plants and mulch. If you want to learn more about this project, click here.

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