Stormwater Management in Olathe

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Stormwater Management problem

Do you have standing water in your yard after rain events or can’t get anything to grow in an area due to stormwater? Do not hesitate to contact the experts at K² Landscapes to solve your stormwater management problems in Olathe.

What are possible solutions for stormwater management in Olathe?

French Drain

One solution is putting in a French drain. A French drain is a gravel-filled trench with a perforated pipe that helps direct water away from one location to a designated area. The French drain allows the stormwater to seep the gravel into the pipe. The water then will be directed away via the pipe. Compared to other surface drains, French drains collect water over the whole length of the pipe instead of one location.

Another possible solution is putting in a rock garden. Installing a rock garden over the area that is hard to grow will eliminate the bare spot while adding an attractive feature. The rock garden can help reduce the erosion from the stormwater by slowing the flow down and direct the stormwater where it needs to go. Another advantage of a rock garden is the low-maintenance requirements as there is no watering or fertilizing needed.


Example of stormwater management in Olathe by K² Landscapes

This homeowner had an area of their yard that would have standing water after every rain event which caused a bare patch to form in the yard.

The first step was determining the best location for the French drain which in this case was where the stormwater would collect. Next step was digging the trench and lining the trench with landscape fabric to prevent dirt from clogging the French drain. After that, the pipe is laid in the trench and backfilled with gravel.

Stormwater managment in OlatheA rock garden filled with decorative gravel, accent large rocks and stepping stones were placed over the French drain. This rock garden would allow for the stormwater in big rain events to collect and then drain away through the French drain without killing any plants or grass. For more information about this project, click here .

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